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We are a pharmaceutical giant based in Lagos Nigeria and a member of the J3 Group. We manufacture and, in some cases, franchise 'premium' pharmaceutical products, power pharmacies and stores with these products so that you and yours can stay healthy all day.  

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Dr. Cecilia Johnson 

I have been in the medical space for the past 26 years. After years of practice in different parts of the world, my partners and I came to set up our hospital in Nigeria.

As a trained pediatrician, I know how important nutrition is to one's overall wellbeing. Thanks to the little care most people in Nigeria pay to balancing their diets, I regularly advise parents to supplement their children's diet with any multivitamins I could trust. 

For a few years, I struggled to nail down a brand that would always guarantee consistent result.

On one fateful day, out of annoyance, I had picked up my phone and called a company that supplied us premium multivitamins while I was still in the states.

After listening to my rants, she just asked if I had heard about a product called Reload!...made by Pharmacy Plus Ltd. She linked me up with one of their directors and the rest, as they say, is history.

It's been almost 10 years since we started prescribing Reload multivitamins and other Pharmacy Plus products to our patients.

Trust me, the results have been quite remarkable. how consistent they have been with the quality of all their products. Wherever you meet any of their products, you can be rest assured of one word...QUALITY 

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Mr. Kola Daniels

Our Pharmacy owes its stability to the quality of products we have gotten from Pharmacy Plus Ltd for the past 11 years.

I have known their brand since my internship days with one of the big pharmacy brands in Nigeria. Back then, they would always tell our customers to pick Pharmacy Plus products over most other brands. Now that I run my own pharmacy, nothing has changed.  


  One thing, among many lovely qualities, that thrills me about their business is their attention to details. They understand how peculiar the pharmaceutical sector is and therefore do not joke with the need to always deliver very reliable products. 

As a parent, husband and father of two, I really recommend every product that comes from Pharmacy Plus Ltd. They are one of the few brands in Nigeria that would never compromise of delivering value regardless of how uneasy the economy is. 

They have kept their word with may of their products and have done this for several decades. On a regular basis, we get testimonials from buyers attesting to how potent their products are. 

In some instances too, they partner with international brands to bring some premium products into the country on a franchise level. One thing is certain, pharmacy plus products and franchise doesn't dissapoint. 

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